A letter to our customers


We understand the past few weeks have been less than good. We’ve been literally working round the clock to fix customer’s services and get everyone back online and happy.

We are currently working hard to fix issues and bring everyone online on new, more stable, better performing infrastructure.

FastHit is now under new management, and part of our mission to improve the platform has been to move everything to better and more stable servers and infrastructure. Unfortunately what we have inherited does not in any way meet those requirements.

We are currently migrating all services to our new infrastructure. Our new infrastructure is much faster, fully redundant and has a huge network backbone. This will deliver much better performance moving forward.

What’s Happening

Unfortunately, we underestimated just how old and unmaintained the environment was and have suffered as a consequence. Many of our customers services live on servers that are over ten years old. We have a huge amount of ColdFusion customers that are on Windows 2003 servers: more than 15 years old.

This means they can not be shifted to new infrastructure easily and has meant that our development team have had to move each application one by one. Once we started disassembling the old environment, it exposed just how unstable and unsupported a situation we were in.

What We Are Doing

We realise this is not your problem, and we really appreciate anyone that’s been patient enough to hang with us. We are currently swimming in helpdesk tickets and voicemails that we’re trying to move through as quickly as possible. We understand just how frustrating this all is for our customers.

We promise that we will get through this and things will become a lot better. The new platform and customer experience will be much better.

After this migration, we will be retiring the FastHit brand. The new platform and our new company is ‘Raijin Networks’ – after the Japanese god of lightning, thunder and storms in Japanese mythology. We were hoping to announce this new brand and array of new services and pricing in better circumstances, but here we are.

What Does This Mean For You?

This does mean we will be updating our plans and pricing with the current market. We will also be offering new services such as Docker containers, git hooks and other more advanced things that will help website developers manage their websites with ease.

For everyone affected by May’s outages, we will be refunding the entire month. Once the new and improved customer portal is up and running this will be reflected there. Thank you again for your patience. We will continue working 24/7 until 100% of services are working perfectly.

I hope you give us time to make it up to you. Please go easy on our support staff, they’ve had a tough few weeks. You are important to us, and we will make every effort to make sure everyone ends up happy.

Best regards,
Alex Dunmow